Madidi National Park

Madidi is listed as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world for its great biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • One of the protected areas of major ecological importance and biogeography of the planet. According to National Geographic in a special edition of the prestigious international Traveller magazine has listed the Madidi National Park as one of the 20 most important tourist destinations in the world. 1370 Species of animals and 1868 plants that inhabit the Madidi have catalogued to date.
  • Studies documenting the rich flora of the area are very scarce, but carried out in adjacent territories point the high interest of the same. Thus studies conducted in the vicinity of Rurrenabaque and mountain forests of the reserve Pilón Lajas, Southeast of the Park, allow to venture that the number of species of vascular plants of the Park must exceed the 5000, mosses and liverworts the 800 and fungi is incalculable, given the total absence of data for this region.
  • Madidi Reserve is home to the largest number of vascular plants, with a total of 4.838 recorded species, what further appreciates the genetic potential of the country and confirms the richness in biodiversity of the protected area. The species found include "incense tree", species whose resin is widely known and used in ancient and traditional manner by indigenous communities in Bolivia, but that has gone unnoticed to the scientific community, to the point of not having a scientific name.
    Madidi National Park, is very rich in biodiversity and ecosystems, have been found in the Madidi five different ecological floors, primary forests, species and unique in the world.
  • In terms of flora, so far have been 1,865 species of higher plants and 2,873 probable species, i.e. 27% of all known Bolivia plant species.
    It should be noted that even half of the protected area has been studied in depth. Projections of new studies point to the likelihood that reaches to register 707 vertebrate species, with the representativeness of vertebrates in Bolivia increases to 76%. The number of vertebrate species may reach a total of 2,077, more than any other terrestrial protected area on the planet.
  • the Toromona were a tribe who mysteriously disappeared during the war of the rubber of the nineteenth centuries and who according to legend was a major ally of the incas who helped to disappear along with their treasures in the forests of the great Moxos. These stories do not belong only to legends and superstitions counted in the heat of a fire. The international scientific community seems to have clues about the persistence in the Toromona Madidi.
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    Most of the region's Madidi Park only is possible to cross by boat. To navigate the rivers it is very important to be attentive to appreciate the great fauna of the place.
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Trees are moving this species of trees need plenty of light to grow and because it is a tree a bit low, need to "walk" and is discarding roots and creating new ones in the direction in which you want to move.
Madidi his altitude particular topography, with altitudes that varies between 5600 m and descend to 180 metres above sea level, it has a multitude of spaces for the emergence of different habitats.
Admission to the Madidi Park the park entrance is by the Beni river and the rio Tuichi, where access to the deep forest. To enter the Park national you will begin to see the great variety of flora and fauna of the place.
Madidi rivers are the origin of major rivers such as the Tuichi, Madidi, Heath and Quendeque whose waters flow into the Amazon River. The madidi River has a length of 350 km, but with its sources, it reaches 595 km.
Also very high trees attract attention plant giants. The trees are like Gothic cathedrals, their glasses exceed 50 meters in height. Therefore the soil is very dark, while the upper leaves form an impenetrable roof.
Insect leaf in tours and walks through the surroundings of the Madidi National Park, are easily insects and exotic plants, the great wealth of flora and fauna is a feature of the site.
Unforgettable landscapes have such richness in flora, fauna, and a variety of ecological floors, Madidi Park is an exceptional place which may witness unforgettable landscapes.
Large number of species the National Herbarium highlights the work of researchers has resulted in the number of plant species known to science to grow exponentially.
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